Training Support

C’mon guys let’s get down to training tomorrow and support our volunteer coaching and selection staff. The season isn’t that far away let’s make it happen.  Peter Giles.

Pre-Season Training Changes – Sunday Training

Hi all,

We have made a slight change to training days to suit everyone but the main day is still Tuesday afternoons from 4:30pm for a 5pm start (or when you can earliest get there) until 6:30pm. If you can only attend one training session a week then this is the one the selectors and I encourage you to attend.

The second training day will be Sunday afternoons from 3pm starting this Sunday. This will go for a couple of hours and is a great opportunity for players who either struggle to make Tuesday training sessions due to work or for players who want to train hard and become the best player they can this season.

This Sunday coming (29th July) will be the official start of training and we will have a BBQ afterwards.

With training officially starting this Sunday the selectors and I encourage everyone to come to both trainings if you can. With the season only about 6 weeks away and the possibility of have a trial game in 3 weeks you must start making at least one training session a week if you want to be considered for selection this season in any grade. Peter Broadbridge who is Chairman of Selectors will be sending an email out to all players shortly about what the selectors will be doing this year and how they will be selecting the teams.

We are still training at endeavour park until further notice for both Sunday and Tuesday. Hopefully see you Sunday and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me!


M: 0427 753 081

Training Continues

Training continues tomorrow from 4:30@ Endeavour park. Peter Broadbridge has been given the job of head of selectors along side Kev Maher, if you are serious about playing pre-season goes along way to proving your commitment. So come down say g’day and see our new club and training structure! Remember if you can’t make it try and let Daniel Freebody know. Look forward to seeing the great numbers that we have been getting!

Message From The Coach

Hi all,

As you are all aware of pre-season started today and we had a good number of players turn up for the first pre-season but hopefully this will keep increasing in the next few weeks as the cricket season is only about 2 months away.

Starting next week (18th July) we will also be having training sessions on Wednesdays.  This means from next week onwards trainings will be on every Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Tuesday training is still the main one and I encourage everyone to make the Tuesday training session over the Wednesday training. However the Wednesday is for everyone who can’t make it on Tuesday due to other sports, family reasons or work commitments as well as for players who want to do extra work and train twice a week. Remember every training session is from 4:30pm (if too early get there ASAP) at Endeavour Park until further notice.

Please see the coaches and selectors that were announced today at training for the NCC for the 2012/13 season below:

Preseason Coach – Daniel Freebody
A grade Squad Coach – Daniel Freebody
A grade Squad Assistant Coach – Kevin Maher
B grade and C grade Coach – David Cavanagh

Chairman of Selectors – Peter Broadbridge (Peter will let all player know the selection policy that he has set up and what the selection panel will be using when making selections)
Selector (To be acting chairman when Peter is away) – Kevin Maher  
Selector – Steve Kerwitz
Selector (1st grade coach) – Daniel Freebody
Selector (2nd grade coach) – David Cavanagh

Club Captain – Peter Huey (If you are unhappy with anything happening at the club such as team members, trainings sessions, selection panels, coaches or the way coaches are coaching then peter is the person to go see and he will deal with it)

Batting Coach – Kevin Maher
Bowling Coach – David Cavanagh, Steve Kerwitz and Martin Cavanagh
Fielding Coach Senior Playing Group – Players to run there own fielding drills and session

U16 Coach –  James Holmes
U14 Coach – TBA

Lastly everyone above is here to help so if you want to get some help ask one of our coaches above. You might not always get the help you want unless you ask for it.

See you all next Tuesday!

M: 0421 011 747