Welcome to Norths Cricket Club

  • Norths have 50 registered adult members and will have more than 40 juniors players and a families;
  • Norths attract an extremely diverse demographic with a large number of affluent and accomplished business people and contacts associated with the club;
  • Norths maintains a true sense of community and implore the ethos of the “Club for life”;
  • A winning culture, tempered by humility make us a positive and proactive target for a CAP;
  • 5 First Grade Premierships in the last 10 years, 2 Second Grade Premierships in the last 10 years, countless players who have achieved representative honours and a development plan that indicates we know where we’ve come from, we know where we are currently and we know where we are going.
  • A new and emerging junior cricket program facilitated by senior members of the NCC ensures that your Corporate message is heard and acted on by a large spread of local families.

Seniors Training:

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30pm

U16’s Training:

Thursdays starting 4:30pm

U14’s & U12’s Training:

Wednesdays starting 4:00pm

Latest News

2016/2017 Season starting now!

Coming off a very successful season, cricket is back! Norths 1st grade won last seasons one day final and were runners up in the 2 day final.   Training starts next Tuesday and Thursday with a Wednesday session for First Grade. Club T20 is on the 3rd and 4th of September 1st and 2nd grade season starting the 10th and 11th 3rd grade starting around the 18th of September. U16, U14 and U12 start at the beginning of term... read more

NCC President Report

NCC President Report 2 February 2016   Once again I would like to acknowledge the effort that is being put into this club from its members. Again it is the same few from the start of the year, but players from all three grades are starting to help the core group.   We have a long way to go and the tunnel is starting to get a little lighter, but we must highlight to our players and members that if we want to be a successful club both on and off the field we need to have the support and help of the players and members.   Our data entry into “MyCricket” for seniors and juniors to-date have been excellent  – please pass onto the appropriate people our thanks and ask them to keep up the great work.   The season is in its final throws, but we are looking ahead to next season for a major shirt sponsor for our yellow shirts. If you know anyone that might be interested please pass their details on to the committee.   We have seen a large turn around in performance so far this season with all our grades compared to last year and I believe this is because of all the effort that is put into training by the players and the belief our players are now forming in both their own skills and that of their team as a whole.   With only couple of more games before the start of the semi finals in the 2-day comp and one game before the one-day final it’s important not to get caught up... read more

Team Lists – Round 11

GRADE : 1st Grade DATE: 30th January 2016 VENUE: Griffiths Park 1 TIME: 12:30pm AGAINST: Rovers   PLAYERS 1. M.Wenzel (c) 2. C.Stanger 3. M.Warnock 4. S.Croxford 5. A.Booy 6. A.McNab 7. B.Smith 8. L.Naess 9. B.Gallagher 10. S.Prior 11. J.Ashby GRADE : 2nd Grade DATE: 31st January 2016 VENUE: Griffiths Park 1 TIME: 1:00 pm AGAINST: Rovers   PLAYERS 1. C.Ford (c) 2. L.Mais 3. L.Circus 4. P.Delaney 5. K.Moir 6. D.Cavanagh 7. N.Guerini 8. B.Rama 9. R.Charrington 10. V.Allayialis 11. S.Lord GRADE : 3rd Grade DATE: 31st January 2016 VENUE: Endeavour Park TIME: 1:00pm AGAINST: Atherton   PLAYERS 1. B.Hunt 2. B.Rodman 3. A.Haddow 4. S.Kerwitz 5. T.Messenger 6. L.Allen 7. P.Broadley 8. N.Dawes 9. S.Waller 10. Z.Holmes 11. J.Anderson 12.... read more